Tuesday, November 11, 2014

65 wild animals and 1 very tired volunteer

  July 2014 Newsletter excerpt - 65 wild animals and 1 tired volunteer!
 2014 has proven to be  by far the busiest and  most diverse of our 13 years of rehabilitation work. At our peak we were responding to 6 phone calls and putting in over 10 hours of work EACH DAY -  without pay!

   The phone calls ranged from simple behavioral questions to advice on reuniting youngsters with their parents  or instructions on stabilization and directions to deliver the injured to the veterinary hospital or the orphaned wild animal to our facility.

   To date almost 1,000 volunteer hours have been logged. Some of these hours came from public relations activities ie Fourth of July  celebration in Clark Fork, Critter camp lecture, Kinnickinnick Native Plant Society presentation, spring highway clean-up, speaking to the 3 local Bonner county  high school seniors about the scholarship program. Additionally letters were written to local businesses and media keeping them informed of the presence of a wildlife rehabilitation facility in the area that is offering assistance for our precious natural resource.

   The majority of these hours however, came direct wildlife care. The major contributor is one person.—she juggles four paying jobs and dedicates here remaining time to animal care and maintenance.  She has been supported by a handful of wonderful volunteers that occasionally able and willing to be ‘babysitters’ while she is at work. 

    Please go to our website www.ahwf.org and download the volunteer form or the board of directors questionnaire and make a stand for presenting the present as a present to future generations.

  AHWF does not receive local, state, or federal funding. We rely on our generous community to provide for the needs of these animals. In need. Our goal is to give back to our community by providing the first nature center in North Idaho. Only you can make that happen. Get involved - spread the word!         


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The birds are returning and that means work!

March is coming to a close and we have already spotted Western Bluebirds, Swallows, Robins, as well as some waterfowl. Here at American Heritage Wildlife Foundation we rely on our volunteers to assist us with our mission of preserving our local wildlife through the efforts of rehabilitation of the injured or orphaned & community education. We anticipate phone calls from concerned citizens will begin soon and that means we need your help!
Each year our volunteer staff is responsible for responding to over 100 phone calls. Many of these callers need to bring the animal to our facility so the animal may receive additional care. Please review your schedule and let us know when you can be available - we need help returning phone calls, feeding baby birds, cleaning and keeping inventory, entering data into our computer, updating our social media sites, scheduling and organizing fundraisers, attending public awareness booths, joining our board of directors, cleaning up our three mile stretch of scenic highway 200, creating a membership drive, promoting the upcoming IdahoGives one day online fundraising event, assistance with the construction of our new aviary, scheduling and arranging lectures, creating public awareness and media campaigns, marketing our variety of merchandise such as the tee shirts and the five children's books.
Our website has the volunteer forms as well as the board of directors questionnaire. Even if you can only spare two hours one time we would love to hear from you. That two hours has the potential to save a life! Thank you to all our existing volunteers and I look forward to seeing you again this year.


Monday, November 18, 2013

2013 Recap

This year has almost run it’s course. To date we have received close to 150 calls, directly assisted 40 patients, and our volunteers have donated well over 1,000 hours.
We have provided the  7 wildlife lectures (of our 12 month series) at the community center in Hope, 3 presentations at Evans Brothers Coffee, 1 presentation to the Sandpoint Vegetarians, three classes at Sandpoint Christian School and an upcoming North Idaho Animal Hospital Staff presentation.
Public Outreach took place at the Earth Day celebration, two scenic highway 200 cleanups, We attended a meet and great at Eichardts/Ivanos with our local nonprofits & the Tailgate sale in Hope. Unfortunately, we had to miss the Independence Day celebration in Clark Fork – the first time in 13 years!          
Fundraising efforts have included the Idaho Gives one day of giving in May, Cans for Coins for Critters recycling program, Razoo online donation page (to complete our vision of a nature center), a technology recycling program for ink cartridges, cell phones and other electronic devices such as ipods and laptops.
Feel compelled to give but no extra cash? Let us tell you how! We have ways to allow you to do what you do anyway but we earn a percentage! Do you shop online? – download our shopping bars and toolbars (such as iGive, Welzoo, justgive, network for good, shop for a cause, goodsearch, escrip online mall, Ebay giving works charity) and we will earn a percentage of your shopping. Use the AHWF visa card and we will gain an additional percentage of your shopping. Subscribe to your favorite magazines through our magfunding site and we earn a percentage. All those little bits add up and you reap the rewards knowing you are helping local wildlife without even trying!
When you are grocery shopping at Yokes for the big Turkey day feast, use your Yokes Community Card. If you use your Capital One AHWF visa card – it is an added bonus.  
 Are you already thinking of Christmas gifts? When you get those great deals on Black Friday & Cyber Monday, use the AHWF shopping bars (links found on our website, on the get involved page). When you shop – use your AHWF capital visa card. If you need ideas for all those on your list – we can help. Our online store front at CafĂ© Press offers you a variety of AHWF merchandise.  We also have hand crafted in house merchandise such as birch bark decorative birdhouses, animals of the earth slate rocks, cedar scenes, hand hewn trail sticks, locally made tees, sweatshirts, & ball caps, knitted hats and scarves. Green Door Studio in Sagle has our trail sticks and the animals of the earth slate rock art available.   
Don’t forget the upcoming #givingtuesday, the AHWF Christmas Party at the Pend Oreille Winery December 9th, and the Christmas Craft Fair December 13 – 15th at the Bonner Mall. Details are found on our Facebook (facebook.com/ahwfounder) & Twitter pages (twitter.com/wwwahwforg).     

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Super Summer!

I am not sure why the last post loaded three times - must be a glitch with dial - up internet on that day -sorry.
Can you believe it is already the middle of July? I think 2013 has been one of our busiest to date.

Almost 100 phone calls and many wildlife patients ranging from nestling tree swallows to adult pine squirrels. We have seen black cap chickadees, tree squirrels, a common redpoll, a yellow warbler, northern flickers, american robins, and many others.  

Because there are only so many hours in the day and time is a valuable resource we have had to prioritize our projects.   American Heritage Wildlife Foundation has had to decline attending almost every public awareness event this year. We are a 100% volunteer operation and do not have paid staff.

Our primary focus is and always will be the local injured and orphaned wildlife. The second aspect of our mission is education and thanks in part to a grant from the Equinox Foundation we were able to provide 12 free presentations on a variety of wilderness topics covering nocturnal sounds, water birds, native plants, non-migratory birds, indicator species and others. These monthly events were well received and again we thank our funders: Equinox Foundation, Good Works Institute, the International Osprey Foundation, and our community donors. Without their help this would not have been possible.

We appreciate all our supporters - near and far. Those that read our posts here and on other social media platforms as well as those close that are able to assist with donations of time or treasure. Thank You for caring about our local wildlife.