Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thank You to All Volunteers

A HUGE thank you to who have helped AHWF over the past 10 years. We began as a dream and have slowly grown. I think back to the all our progress...creation of the animal room and the subsequent expansions. The flight barn yard expansion and the recent flight yard enclosure, the Raccoon enclosure, the website, the social media links, all the public relation events, the summer camp, the 10 year lease of 1 acre, etc. All this was made possible through private donations and grant funders like Foley-Frischkorn Wildlife Trust (Key-Bank), International Osprey Foundation, Whittenberger Foundation, Community Trust (PSB). Now I am excited to announce the possibility of opening the Nature Center Building. We have been given the option to purchase the building at a very reasonable rate. Ask how you can make this a reality too!

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