Saturday, June 23, 2012

JUNE jubulation & JULY jockularity

Thanks again to my boss at my paying job,  I am using the fast internet to access the blog. June is almost at a close but things are really hopping for July! First Friday at Panda Express on Best Avenue in CdA takes place in 13 days - print the flyer from our website. Yokes market has the community card available and when you shop there up to 5% monthly proceeds go to help the local wildlife. The third illustrated children's book is published on the lulu site. We are planning two fundraising concerts! If you can help us with organizing or planning let us know. The first clean up of our adopt a highway program will need to be soon - weather and schedules permitted. Board of Directors meeting is Monday. Fourth of July celebration  in Clark Fork and we want to be in the Parade in Sandpoint - let us know if you can help volunteer.
Last week we saw a Least Flycatcher in the yard. Perhaps it was one of our patients from last year returning to the summer grounds :) The young Raven was released a few days ago - it hung around a few days and ate the free food offerings. The coyote pup is growing like crazy! New enclosure almost done - should be in this weekend. Over 40 calls so far this we are still 100% volunteer we are limited in our abilities to 'drive to pick up animals' and we are so grateful for the rescuers that are willing to take the injured and orphaned animals in need to our 'facility'.
Thank you to all those that are supporting us with their time and treasure! Current needs are Bleach, Paper Towels & Scotch Tape.
I'm sure there is more but I need to go assist customers! Enjoy the summer & thanks for caring!          

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