Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The birds are returning and that means work!

March is coming to a close and we have already spotted Western Bluebirds, Swallows, Robins, as well as some waterfowl. Here at American Heritage Wildlife Foundation we rely on our volunteers to assist us with our mission of preserving our local wildlife through the efforts of rehabilitation of the injured or orphaned & community education. We anticipate phone calls from concerned citizens will begin soon and that means we need your help!
Each year our volunteer staff is responsible for responding to over 100 phone calls. Many of these callers need to bring the animal to our facility so the animal may receive additional care. Please review your schedule and let us know when you can be available - we need help returning phone calls, feeding baby birds, cleaning and keeping inventory, entering data into our computer, updating our social media sites, scheduling and organizing fundraisers, attending public awareness booths, joining our board of directors, cleaning up our three mile stretch of scenic highway 200, creating a membership drive, promoting the upcoming IdahoGives one day online fundraising event, assistance with the construction of our new aviary, scheduling and arranging lectures, creating public awareness and media campaigns, marketing our variety of merchandise such as the tee shirts and the five children's books.
Our website has the volunteer forms as well as the board of directors questionnaire. Even if you can only spare two hours one time we would love to hear from you. That two hours has the potential to save a life! Thank you to all our existing volunteers and I look forward to seeing you again this year.


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