Monday, December 17, 2012

2012 recap

Wow - it seems that just a short time ago we were ringing in the new 2012 year - now we are coming to a close. I am finishing the annual report for our nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation and community education organization and I am amazed at the dedication of our volunteers. Over 2,000 hours have been put in by these folks - they are juggling their personal lives with paying jobs and still making time to make efforts to save what we all love - this place called North Idaho.

We received just under 150 phone calls and this created 80 wildlife cases. We operate exclusively with volunteers so this was quite a feat. We provided care and information for everything from Pine Squirrels to Gold Crowned Kinglets and Osprey to Coyotes.

We went public at 15 venues - Earth Day Celebration, Fourth of July, Wild Wednesday monthly presentations, Christmas Craft Show, Dover Dog Days were only a few. The only way we could be caring for insectivore nestling birds which require feedings every 15 minutes for 16 hours each day and young mammals that need food for 12 hours each day is because we have great support.

We are grateful that our community supports us with their talent and time. In kind donations and financial contributions are the only way we remain open. We do not receive national, state, or local funds. We do however have wildlife permits from the USFWS Migratory Bird Service and Idaho Fish and Game. We also are a member of the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association. We are in good standing with the IRS and have a 501 (c) 3 status and Idaho state nonprofit incorporation status.

Since 2001 when we began the paper trail to start the first of its kind wildlife rehabilitation center of North Idaho we have been blessed in so many ways. We thank each and everyone of you that has supported us through the years and we wish you a Very Merry Christmas!              

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