Friday, March 1, 2013

What's new for 2013

   So many activities and events planned for Spring 2013! Remember we are 100 % volunteer and we cannot operate without your donations of time, talent or treasure!
   The first of two annual Scenic Highway 200 will take place when the snow melts (usually in April). Many hands make light work so please join us.
   The Earth Day celebration will take place again at the Sandpoint Charter School - we set up a booth and want to offer face painting again this year.
   Two major fundraising events are being planned - a concert and a luncheon. Please get in touch if you are interested in joining the folks coordinating these activities. We are also joining in the one day online giving program idahogives on May 2nd. Spread the word and remember to donate!
   We are continuing our monthly power point presentations at Memorial Community Center in Hope. We would love to see you there at 6 PM on the last Wednesday of the month - Wild Wednesday. our website has topics and details such as guest speaker.    
   We have wonderful crafters that are creating wearable wildlife items. We have knitted hats, gloves, neck cowls, scarfs, feather earrings, dog collars and survival bracelets. These items are on our website, on facebook pages, on sandpoint yardsale, at ebay and coming soon to etsy.
   Another children's book has been published. Adventures of a Wildlife Special Agent - a choose your own adventure story has been written for the teen reader. Details of this and other Logger's Story series books can be found at our website or      
   We are still receiving donations from Yokes Market / community card program, as well as recycling ink cartridges, cell phones, and other technology items. Thanks to one local cafe - we have over 200# of aluminum cans ready to recycle.  
   Don't forget we handled over 150 calls for wild animals last year - we donated over 2,000 hours to the wildlife we love. Please contact us and join our mission to preserve what we love. Thank you!