Monday, February 16, 2015

2015 Newsletter


Each year, despite being very frugal, American Heritage Wildlife Foundation still requires a minimum of $10,000 annually. The categories are Wildlife, Education & Outreach, and Administrative & General Operating.
  AHWF does not receive federal or state or local government funding nor paid staff. We must rely on our philanthropic community! You might say to the founder “Well I am just a working class member of society”. We believe anyone can be a philanthropist.
  Philanthropy is simply defined as a charitable act or gift. Each person has the ability to do this. Some of our wildlife patients require feedings every 15 minutes  Your gift of one hour gives life. Your act of sharing online about AHWF provides hope. Your becoming a member or donating allows us to meet our budget & succeed in our mission of wildlife rehabilitation for our native neighbors & community education.     

Making a difference
¨ One person saw the need  20 years ago and began AHWF. 
¨ Annual Budget requires $10,000—minimum.
¨ Volunteers give close to 1,500 hours from April to August. 
¨ Anyone can be a philanthropist!
¨ Give one hour get one dollar off AHWF (in stock) merchandise.  

2014 was the year that had long time volunteer & primary wildlife caregiver on the edge of resigning.  It was not because of the sheer quantity of animal cases but simply because of the demands on her time.  She was juggling four part time paying jobs as well as giving full time to the wild animals in need. “She has over 20 years of animal experience and is a valuable asset to AHWF. She would make a terrific employee if the funding were available” said board member C. Boward. “The problem is that we do not operate like a for profit business. We do not have large quantities of merchandise to sell and the services we provide are not covered by insurance claims”. The stark reality is that unless more contributions come in with the specific designation of general operating  expenses, we cannot offer a job position.     General operating expenses are the most difficult category of grants to receive. Most funders want a major project to show for effort. Operating expenses are the nuts and bolts - they are required parts but they are not glamorous. This is where our community steps in and provides  financial support through memberships, grocery cards, magazine subscriptions, online shopping toolbars and programs, and donations.   
   Thanks to recent support, the goal of having paid employees is still not a reality but it is closer. After being in existence for 13 years AHWF hopes to offer nonpaid internships to students interested in wildlife. The universities of Idaho and Montana have been contacted. Intern applications are available directly from AHWF as well.    
The successful candidate or candidates will be able to work unsupervised (and possibly long hours), reliable, trustworthy,   patient, gentle, good with the public, and have legible handwriting. 
  In order to continue the mission of wildlife rehabilitation & community education, AHWF must continue to receive the help of our community through man power & financial contributions.    These wild animals in distress must rely on compassionate humans to  provide cares. Without them there is no chance.
   AHWF must have your support to continue to operate your community wildlife nature center. Please go to our website to download the volunteer form or fill out the sign-up form below.  
One person can make a difference. Make the pledge to present the present as a    present for future             generations.           

Travel trailer needed!
What we need from you is to borrow or rent a travel trailer for the 2015 wildlife season. AHWF has sent an announcement out and is seeking interns to help with our wildlife     patients.  These interns need a place to stay. AHWF will borrow, rent, lease a travel trailer.   What we need from our community is some form of travel trailer. The unit must be self contained. The approximate time frame is from April through August.  Let us know as soon as possible if you or your neighbor or friends have one we could use.
Thank you!

YES I WILL sign up for:
wildlife babysitting , public relations, social media posting, highway clean up, fundraising and events coordination, pledging monthly to preserve wildlife.
I wish to become an annual member: (I am a native neighbor; I am a ….)
MOOSE – idaho resident $20
EAGLE –out of state supporter $20
OWL – over 65 $10
WOLF PACK – family $30
BLACK BEAR – sustaining $50
GRIZZLY BEAR – business sponsorship $100
COUGAR – one time member dues for lifetime category $1,000   
Did you know?
AHWF has a charity listing or a social media presence, or fundraising program with:                     amazon smile, bird watchers digest, cafĂ© press, charity works ebay, facebook, fred meyer community card, igive, kindle, kobu, linked in groups, loveanimals, lulu, network for good, nook, pinterest, razoo, recycling ink-cellphones-etc, squidoo(hubpages), twitter, vimeo, welzoo, yokes community card, you tube  
Please find us online and support us with your generosity. Without you we cannot continue this vital work!