Tuesday, November 11, 2014

65 wild animals and 1 very tired volunteer

  July 2014 Newsletter excerpt - 65 wild animals and 1 tired volunteer!
 2014 has proven to be  by far the busiest and  most diverse of our 13 years of rehabilitation work. At our peak we were responding to 6 phone calls and putting in over 10 hours of work EACH DAY -  without pay!

   The phone calls ranged from simple behavioral questions to advice on reuniting youngsters with their parents  or instructions on stabilization and directions to deliver the injured to the veterinary hospital or the orphaned wild animal to our facility.

   To date almost 1,000 volunteer hours have been logged. Some of these hours came from public relations activities ie Fourth of July  celebration in Clark Fork, Critter camp lecture, Kinnickinnick Native Plant Society presentation, spring highway clean-up, speaking to the 3 local Bonner county  high school seniors about the scholarship program. Additionally letters were written to local businesses and media keeping them informed of the presence of a wildlife rehabilitation facility in the area that is offering assistance for our precious natural resource.

   The majority of these hours however, came direct wildlife care. The major contributor is one person.—she juggles four paying jobs and dedicates here remaining time to animal care and maintenance.  She has been supported by a handful of wonderful volunteers that occasionally able and willing to be ‘babysitters’ while she is at work. 

    Please go to our website www.ahwf.org and download the volunteer form or the board of directors questionnaire and make a stand for presenting the present as a present to future generations.

  AHWF does not receive local, state, or federal funding. We rely on our generous community to provide for the needs of these animals. In need. Our goal is to give back to our community by providing the first nature center in North Idaho. Only you can make that happen. Get involved - spread the word!