Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Super Summer!

I am not sure why the last post loaded three times - must be a glitch with dial - up internet on that day -sorry.
Can you believe it is already the middle of July? I think 2013 has been one of our busiest to date.

Almost 100 phone calls and many wildlife patients ranging from nestling tree swallows to adult pine squirrels. We have seen black cap chickadees, tree squirrels, a common redpoll, a yellow warbler, northern flickers, american robins, and many others.  

Because there are only so many hours in the day and time is a valuable resource we have had to prioritize our projects.   American Heritage Wildlife Foundation has had to decline attending almost every public awareness event this year. We are a 100% volunteer operation and do not have paid staff.

Our primary focus is and always will be the local injured and orphaned wildlife. The second aspect of our mission is education and thanks in part to a grant from the Equinox Foundation we were able to provide 12 free presentations on a variety of wilderness topics covering nocturnal sounds, water birds, native plants, non-migratory birds, indicator species and others. These monthly events were well received and again we thank our funders: Equinox Foundation, Good Works Institute, the International Osprey Foundation, and our community donors. Without their help this would not have been possible.

We appreciate all our supporters - near and far. Those that read our posts here and on other social media platforms as well as those close that are able to assist with donations of time or treasure. Thank You for caring about our local wildlife.